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Planning your move



  • Make preliminary arrangements with Econo-Line Movers, Inc., a well-established, licensed and professional moving company.
  • Order moving supplies - boxes, tape, packing paper, etc.  Call for free delivery within Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
  • Save moving receipts - some moving expenses may be tax deductible.
  • Develop a plan for packing.  Don't try to do it all in one day.  Start with less used belongs and remember to clearly mark each box with contents and intended room.
  • Place legal, medical and insurance records in a safe and accessible place.
  • Notify the post office n both your old town and your new town of your relocation


  • Inform gas, electric, water, cable and phone companies of your move in both your old town and your new town.
  • Arrange for the disconnection of gas appliances and electrical fixtures.  Drain all gas powered lawn equipment and disconnect barbecue propane tank.
  • Plan your travel route  and confirm arrangements with Econo-Line Movers, including time, locations, new telephone numbers and cell phone numbers.


  • Set aside extra moving supplies and tools - tape, pocket knife, screwdriver, tape measure, marking pens, etc.
  • Set aside a bag of personal items your family will need during the move - change of clothes, toiletries, medicines, first aid kit, maps, food and drinks.
  • Get a good nights rest!

  THE DAY OF YOUR MOVE              

  • Pull cars out of driveway before Econo-Line Movers arrive at your house.
  • Empty refrigerator and place items in a cooler.
  • Be ready for the movers when they arrive.  The men will introduce themselves to you.  Take them through the house to point out all the items that will be going. 
  • Disconnect telephone equipment and transport in your car for immediate installation at new location.
  • Upon arrival the new location, instruct movers which entrances they will be using and instruct the location of all items as the come off the truck.

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Econo-Line Movers and the thousands of customers we have moved, have found that planning and organization are the keys to a hassle-free relocation.  This timetable should guide you and provide a checklist that will help you move more easily!  

Econo-Line Movers will help you estimate the amount of moving supplies you need.  Call for FREE* delivery within Monmouth & Ocean Counties. *minimum order required.